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About Kiara MedTech

“Kiara MedTech drives the introduction of medical technology innovation across the continuum of patient care to help improve treatments, or to enhance the quality of patients’ lives, by exclusive distribution partnerships with unique global medical device companies.”

Andrew de Pão

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MedTech Industry in South Africa

Economic Growth

The medical technology industry’s contribution to the SA GDP was estimated at R3.88 billion in 2014 with an associated economic multiplier of 1.25. *

Patient Aids

Worth approximately $163 million in 2019 (Fitch Solutions), this category includes portable aids, such as hearing aids and pacemakers, and therapeutic appliances like respiratory apparatus and mechano-therapy. *

Diagnostic Imaging

Valued at an estimated $192 million (2019, Fitch Solutions). There is a great need for MRI and PET scanners, radiotherapy products, and other diagnostic imaging products in the public sector. *

Orthopaedics and Prosthetics

Valued at an estimated $192 million (2019, Fitch Solutions). *

*Reference.: The Medical Devices Landscape in South Africa. Report of a survey conducted by the South African Medical Research Council, January 2022.

Who We Are

Kiara MedTech Strategy

We focus on unmet healthcare needs:

Change Standard of Care Thinking

Position innovative technologies as complements to established therapies

Technology Adoption

Introduce new technologies in an additive or optional manner

Data Generation Benefit

Define the data generation strategy early- where data can be utilized for market growth

Patient Optimisation

Leverage device data – aggregate across procedures and analyze for continual learning to improve patient outcomes

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