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A complete digital solution for sexual forensics visualization and documentation

During the forensic exam, SANE* nurses take the utmost effort to provide the best possible care and evidence collection for the survivors they work with.



  • Examination and Documentation
  • Based on an advanced digital colposcopy technology for enhanced image quality and documentation.

EVA SANE can be used by SANE nurses  – The Visualization and Documentation technology streamlines the forensic examination experience for sexual assault forensic nurses and their patients. It allows nurses to focus on the patient while easily capturing forensic findings through mobile, portable, and reliable digital innovation.

  • Capture high-quality images – Optical and digital magnification and video capture based on colposcopy technology.
  • Digitally annotate and document images – Save images with notes and annotations. Unlimited web storage of images, with HIPAA-compliant access.
  • Secure chain of custody – Ready to be shared with law enforcement and case reviews.
  • Utilize embedded telehealth capabilities – Securely share patient cases with colleagues or relevant organizations for assessment, utilizing embedded telehealth capabilities.


*Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)

Reference: MobileODT website: (Accessed 10/08/23).

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