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Point-of-Care Testing

PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform

The PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform is a small-size and lightweight point of care diagnostic system that allows the molecular rapid detection of infectious diseases (such as COVID-19 and Influenza A) at the point of care or need. The system performs a real-time quantitative colorimetric loop-meditated isothermal amplification (qcLAMP) by using a novel method for heating the testing vials and reading the result.

Reference: (Accessed 10/08/23)

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Rhinoswab | Rhinoswab Junior

Rhinoswab is a patented comfortable, self-administered nasal swab that provides high-yield sampling and fits existing pathology workflows.

Comfortable and pain-free, self-administered

Rhinoswab is designed for self-collection in the home, at workplaces, clinical settings and anywhere that we need to test frequently and in large numbers.

Dual nostril application for high yield

The new Rhinoswab, with its dual swab heads has been shown to collect a 1.5 times larger sample than a traditional swab, offering the potential for a more effective diagnostic sample.

Safer for healthcare workers

Easy self-collection with Rhinoswab reduces the risk to healthcare workers and the cost of personal protection equipment (PPE) required to protect them.

Improved standardization of collection

Less variability in collection technique may help reduce sampling & testing errors.

Works with both laboratory and POC tests

Rhinoswab can be used for both rt-PCR and antigen tests, working seamlessly in laboratory and POC environments with standard vials and transport media.

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